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Where you go to interact with other vu students? Don’t worry We have a fourm where you can post your problems, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Fourm


Download the software, old assignments and past papers. Software are arranged in the categories like Vu Recommended software’s means software’s that are used in the different vu courses. Old assignments are much helpful in the preparation of the new assignments and past papers are the best way to learn pattern and question type that may in the exam, so keep visiting and enjoy our Services.

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For the preparation of Exam and Quiz We are proudly introducing the Offline MCQS System , for now you are able to download the MCQS in PDF Format on fly, with the 100% Correct Answers. Just download and prepare for Your Exam. Learn More

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Materials  that you need to prepare examination , save and prepare your exam with out internet.

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We Have Lanuched a Learning Center, where You Can learn different Languages Free of Cost. Its a Facility for Vu Students. Here You can Enhance Your Skills Of Programming Languages. To Start Your Learnings. Just Select The Desired Langauge Learn More

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